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First Avenue is New 2nd Family, Apollonia Says

Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore Sun, 5 August 1984

MOST OF Purple Rain takes place in an actual nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. In the film, the First Avenue club becomes a self-contained world, a ...

Purple Rain; starring: Prince, Morris Day, Apollonia (Warner Bros.)

Film/DVD/TV Review by Ian Penman, New Musical Express, 1 September 1984

So just whose tongue is in whose cheek! ...

Boy Toy Rock: Sex Sirens of the Decade

Report by Ben Fong-Torres, San Francisco Chronicle, 21 April 1985

IF THE reports from her first concert in Seattle are any indication, you can expect Madonna to ask San Francisco, early in her show at ...

Those Who Would Be Prince

Report by Vernon Gibbs, New Look, November 1985

WHEN PRINCE decided that he didn't like Eddie Murphy making fun of his high-heeled boots, the rock star walked out in the middle of Murphy's ...

Apollonia: Out Of The Crimson Court

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 25 October 1988

AFTER HER co-starring role in Prince's Oscar winning Purple Rain and the disbanding of Apollonia 6, a three-piece lingerie-clad all-girl group, chances are that, like ...

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