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Aphrodite's Child: Greek Chartsters

Profile by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 23 November 1968

'RAIN AND TEARS' is one of those songs with a prickle at the nape of the neck moving to a shiver down the spine, and ...

Aphrodite's Child: 'Rain & Tears' 300 Yrs Old!

Profile and Interview by Derek Boltwood, Record Mirror, 30 November 1968

ONCE UPON a time, about three hundred years ago as the crow flies, a German organist with nothing better to do sat down at his ...

Vangelis: The Moans And The Stares, An Ouzo And Thee

Profile and Interview by Miles, New Musical Express, 6 November 1976

I THOUGHT I was in for a real treat. ...

Aphrodite's Child: The Fabulous Furry Greek Brothers

Retrospective by Kieron Tyler, Mojo Collections, Fall 2001

The apocalyptic rock of Aphrodite's Child spawned Demis Roussos and Vangelis. ...

see also Demis Roussos

see also Vangelis


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