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Anita Baker: Mouthful of Rapture

Interview by Nick Coleman, New Musical Express, 26 April 1986

ANITA BAKER is the soul voice of the '80s. NICK COLEMAN rings LA to chat about her new LP Rapture. ...

Anita Baker: Heaven Scent

Interview by Nick Coleman, New Musical Express, 2 August 1986

NICK COLEMAN catches his breath after his first encounter with sweet songstress ANITA BAKER, who wowed London crowds last weekend. ...

Anita Baker, Nat Augustin: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 9 August 1986

BEING THE warm-up at one of the most hotly anticipated soul shindigs of the year was a double-edged sword for Nat Augustin, the former Light ...

Antita Baker: Has This Woman Made The Best Soul Album Of The Year?

Interview by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 16 August 1986

Well, according to the experts, Anita Baker's Rapture LP is the business. But did anyone know that the lady shelled out some of her own ...

Anita Baker: The Deep Dark Soul

Interview by Richard Cook, The Wire, September 1986

THE BAND PLAYS a slow, rough-textured groove, flesh laid on the dark bones of the bass. Three women set up a vocal counterpoint, rich with ...

Anita Baker: Heaven Can Wait

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Melody Maker, 31 January 1987

ANITA BAKER, the new queen of soul, discusses the dos and dont's of the bigtime with a sympathetic Caroline Sullivan. ...

Anita Baker: Good songs, that's what count!

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 3 February 1987

The limelight has never been brighter for 'the songstress' Anita Baker but she always has time for a chat with B&S, David Nathan strikes up ...

Anita Baker

Interview by Dave Rimmer, Q, March 1987

THAT RESTLESS, relentless and often quite ridiculous search for the Next Big Thing has to be the longest-running game in pop. When Anita Baker's album, ...

Anita Baker

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 12 May 1987

YOU MIGHT assume that after winning two Grammies, a couple of Soul Train Music Awards and having a two million-plus-selling album, Anita Baker would hear ...

Anita Baker: Greek Theater, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 5 September 1987


Anita Baker: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Richard Cook, Sounds, 29 October 1988

THE VOICE that makes strong men tremble, that melts the stoniest heart — but something's just out of reach for Anita Baker. ...

Luther Vandross, Anita Baker: Capital Center, Landover, MD

Live Review by David Nathan, Billboard, 29 October 1988

ON A TOUR appropriately billed The Heat, the inspired teaming of two of contemporary black music's hottest names can hardly miss. And judging from this ...

Anita Baker: Giving You The Best That I Got (Elektra EKT 49 960 827-1)

Review by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 8 November 1988

LYRICALLY, THE strength of Anita's songs lies in their honesty. Reflecting on all aspects of love and the relationship, such is the purity, emotion and ...

Anita Baker: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 8 November 1988

THE DIFFICULTIES in playing Wembley Arena have been well documented. Firstly, the imposing venue has never been conducive to allowing a warm, intimate atmosphere between ...

Luther Vandross, Anita Baker: Omni Coliseum, Atlanta GA

Live Review by Mark Cooper, The Guardian, 25 November 1988

Casanova in a shiny suit ...

Women Soul Singers

Essay by Barney Hoskyns, Vogue, 1990

FOR ALL THE LEGENDARY kings of soul music, the Sam Cookes and Otis Reddings and Marvin Gayes, the true spirit of this great black American ...

Anita Baker: Live at Wembley Arena

Live Review by Barney Hoskyns, The Times, June 1990

ANITA BAKER remains a remarkable phenomenon: an intimate, improvisatory jazz-soul songstress who gigs in vast, impersonal hangars such as Wembley Arena. She should be appearing ...

Anita Baker: Untouchable

Interview by Paul Mathur, Blitz, July 1990

Following her second solo album, Rapture, Anita Baker was acknowledged as possibly the best female vocalist in the world. Now she's back with a new album which leaves the opposition standing ...

Anita Baker: Compositions

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, August 1990

WITH THE EXCEPTION of Luther Vandross, most of the current crop of soul men restrict themselves to the limited sphere of their bedroom mirrors and ...

Anita Baker: Compositions - A Return To Rapture

Review by Paolo Hewitt, Select, August 1990

FOR THE first time since her elevation to the forefront of female vocalists, Anita Baker has begun writing her own material. Furthermore, in an attempt ...

Anita Baker: Compositions (Elektra Entertainment)

Review by James Hunter, Musician, August 1990

FOUR YEARS ago, Anita Baker quietly stormed the pop music charts with Rapture, a reclamation of jazz-soul balladry driven by acoustic resonances and Baker's forthright ...

Anita Baker: Anita & the Killing Machine

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 8 January 1991

The straight talking Anita Baker delivers her verdict on the state of R&B and the double standards applied by the U.S. music business. David Nathan ...

Anita Baker: Rhythm Of Love, Roberta Flack: Roberta

Review by Carol Cooper, Newsday, September 1994

In a long list of thank you’s on her first new album in four years, Anita Baker cites Roberta Flack "for loving me anyway." Now ...


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