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Alec Empire: Intelligence and Sacrifice

Review by Todd L. Burns, Stylus, 1 September 2003

DIGITAL HARDCORE. These two words, because of one man's influence, have come to encompass an entire genre of music that was once regarded as the ...

Atari Teenage Riot: Atari Teenage Riot –1992-2000/Alec Empire: Futurist

Review by Todd L. Burns, Stylus, 2 August 2006

AS MUSICAL PUNCHLINES GO, Alec Empire is getting there. But it wasn't always this way. Back in the 1990's, Empire was at the forefront of ...

Alec Empire strikes back

Report and Interview by Angus Batey, The Guardian, 28 March 2008

"I FIGHT BACK!" a grinning Alec Empire blurts, explaining why his iPod contains only three albums (by John Coltrane and Stockhausen) but has been filled ...

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