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Al Jarreau: We Got By (Reprise)

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 1 November 1975

HERE WE have a black singer/songwriter who's into heavy introspective lyrics which he puts across in a distinctly original manner. We'll get to his singing ...

It's a bit early for New Year predictions, but here's one: Al Jarreau

Report and Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 13 December 1975

TO EVERYONE who's raved over Al Jarreau's Warner Bros album, We Got By, the identity of the man has remained an enigma that demanded solution. ...

California Soul Hits The Big Apple

Live Review by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 6 April 1976

A special report by David Nathan on the on-stage and behind-the-scenes activities at Warner Brothers' special "California Soul" series of concerts during end of February ...

Look Out, Al Jarreau's On His Way

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 6 April 1976

IT SEEMS like but a short time since we last spoke to a talented gentleman who has been hailed by many of his peers and ...

Al Jarreau: Jarreau Gig At La Coupole Goes Molto Bene

Report and Interview by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 10 April 1976

"THERE'S NO reason for my deserving this interview any more than the man out there pouring drinks, except that I try to say something through ...

Al Jarreau: Ronnie Scott's, London

Live Review by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 17 April 1976

RIGHT NOW I'm reaching for the ol' Thesaurus, trying to find an original way of saying "unique new talent explodes like a comet on the ...

Al Jarreau: A Man And His Laundry

Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 1 May 1976

"IT DON'T make no moth a fugging difference what happens to me, Going to be there in my own time, in my own way..."– Al ...

Al Jarreau Composes, Too

Profile by Vernon Gibbs, The Village Voice, 18 October 1976

THE LINES that stretched around the block welcoming Al Jarreau to his second New York appearance at the Bottom Line were evidence to his devotees ...

Al Jarreau: Look To The Rainbow — Live

Review by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 18 June 1977

OF THE twelve songs here, four are from his first two albums, two are throwaway versions of show-tunes and the remaining six are new material. ...

Al Jarreau

Interview by Radio Pete, Rocky Mountain Musical Express, September 1977

AL JARREAU leaps on stage wearing a Schlitz T-shirt (a nod to his Milwaukee roots) and with the graceful assistance of his hot Jazz quartet, ...

Al Jarreau: Days Of Future Past...

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 30 January 1979

Since the release of his debut album three years ago, Al Jarreau has firmly established himself as a creative talent of the first order. He ...

Al Jarreau: Breaking Away

Interview by Steve Bloom, Downbeat, February 1982

The sound is metallic and airy and generally reminiscent of a flute, but there is no flute. The next sound thumps and bomps like a ...

Al Jarreau: Jarreau (Warner Bros.)

Review by J.D. Considine, Musician, July 1983

ALTHOUGH POP has always seemed Al Jarreau's destiny, his disposition toward jazz kept getting in the way. It wasn't so much that Jarreau bopped when ...

Al Jarreau: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Mick Brown, Guardian Unlimited, 28 November 1984

IF YOU are surprised to learn that Al Jarreau — who only a few years ago could comfortably accommodate his following in Ronnie Scott's — ...

Al Jarreau: Has The Adult Contemporary Songwriter Eclipsed The Jazz Singer?

Interview by Mark Rowland, Musician, January 1985

FOUR JARREAU brothers grew up in Milwaukee. They all sang. Three still live there. "My older brother had a fine tenor voice," Al recalls. "The ...

Al Jarreau: Moving Heaven and Earth

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 30 June 1992

A four year gap in between albums has caused Al Jarreau to carefully re-evaluate his career. The conclusions made and actions undertaken as shown on ...


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