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Book Excerpt by Caroline Coon, 1988: The New Wave Punk Rock Explosion, 1977

"I want more bands like us. I want people to go out and start something, to see us and start something, or else I'm just ...

The Damned/The Adverts/Motorhead: The Roundhouse, London

Live Review by Jon Savage, Sounds, 30 April 1977

I FIRST saw the Damned at the Roundhouse last November. Shortly after the release of 'New Rose'. Although the 45 had been successful the set ...

Reading The Adverts

Profile and Interview by Ian Birch, Melody Maker, 6 August 1977

THE NEW WAVE scythe has brought about a dual personality in programming for a lot of the more established clubs. ...

Various artists: The Roxy, London, W.C.2 (Harvest SHSP 4069)

Review by Ira Robbins, Trouser Press, September 1977

BACK IN nineteen-sixty-something, when an earlier new wave was proudly unfurling, several Live at the Star Club LPs appeared, scooping up some of the bands ...

Is Gaye Well Equipped? Will These Boys Show You Their Equipment?

Report and Interview by Rosalind Russell, Record Mirror, 1 October 1977

How easy is it to start your own band? How much does it cost? Rosalind Russell looks at 999's equipment and goes round the shops ...

Adverts, Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Cortinas, Suburban Studs, Staa Marx, Depressions: De Montfort Hall, Leicester

Live Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 4 February 1978

Leicester bangs, Gaye Explodes ...

The Adverts: Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (Anchor)*****

Review by Jane Suck, Sounds, 11 February 1978

One Chord Wonders: no blunders ...

Vicarious Thrills + Pol-A-Ticks: Crossing The Irish Sea With The Adverts

Report and Interview by Jane Suck, Sounds, 18 February 1978

ACTUALLY, WE didn't swim across, we flew in a chartered taxi-cab with Rosalind Russell (Record Mirror) on the wing and a two-hour vomiting session courtesy ...

The Adverts: Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 25 February 1978

ONCE UPON a time, the fastest way of revealing yourself as an Old Fart Who Didn't Understand The New Wave was to allege – in ...

The Adverts: The Marquee, London

Live Review by Miles, New Musical Express, 5 August 1978

Gobba Gobba On Gaye ...

The Adverts: Cast Of Thousands

Review by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 20 October 1979

THE ADVERTS, with unforeseen stamina, have substantially matured since their early days. No longer can technical inadequacy or limited vocabulary be criticisms – just the ...

The Adverts: TV Closes Down

Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 17 November 1979

CHEERFUL CHAP, TV Smith. Here we are convened together for the first time in a professional capacity, officially as some sort of obituarising process for ...

Jon Savage: "I Remember Punk Rock..."

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 26 October 1991

He was a bored public schoolboy, then JON SAVAGE heard the Pistols and the Clash and the strings of his heart went ping. He's now ...

The Stiff Records Story Offers Lots Of Delights

Review by Jim Sullivan, Chicago Tribune, 24 September 1992

THE ADVERTS, a glorious mess of a punk band with a great pop sensibility but possessing limited musical capabilities, spat out a catchy rocker called ...

The Adverts: Bored Teenagers

Retrospective and Interview by Dave Thompson, Goldmine, September 1997

ANYONE PAYING attention to the British music scene in recent years cannot help but have noticed T.V. Smith. Across three superlative albums, 1991's RIP: Everything ...


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