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RUNNER-UP: Rock’s Backpages

Covering five decades of history, the 20,000 articles, interviews, and reviews that comprise Rock’s Backpages showcase rock journalism’s renegade spirit. “Rock’s Backpages represents the gold standard of rock writing,” says Bruce Connolly. “It combines an irresistible lineup of classic fanzines—Punk, Trouser Press, Bomp, and Creem—with more mainstream staples of the popular music press, including Spin and Rolling Stone.” British publications are also included, such as New Musical Express, Uncut, and Mojo, a magazine for which several members of the Backpages team have either edited or written. “Additional temptations,” says Connolly, “include a discussion forum, audio interviews, writer profiles, and links to radio stations and rock-related websites.” It’s an essential resource for modern and contemporary music libraries and even cultural studies collections.

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