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Jeremy Gluck

Jeremy Clarke and Ralph Traitor are pseudonyms for Jeremy Gluck
Jeremy Gluck

A multi-disciplinary creative known best as songwriter and lead singer of the Barracudas who achieved international cult and chart success as recording artists in the early 1980s and whose worldwide following continues to grow even now, this Canadian expatriate has collaborated with and had songs covered by many fellow cult artists, and is also an author, journalist and poet. Currently enjoying a reformation of The Barracudas and working with his ambient spoken word band The Carbon Manual, forming a new electronic music project and preparing a number of online releases.

He is the author of several books, including a memoir and a book on mental health recovery. Based now in Wales, through his work in the voluntary sector he co-directs and collaborates with a community interest company on creating local community media projects and is involved developing a holistic self-development project for the unemployed.


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The Lurkers: Attack Of The Distortion People

Profile and Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Sounds, 23 July 1977

ALLOW ME TO present The Lurkers, whose enlightened adherence to the golden rule of "Three Chords, Three Verses, Three Minutes" definitely fingers them as the ...

Generation X: This Canadian Geyser Come to London and Saw Generation X

Report by Jeremy Gluck, Sniffin' Glue, August 1977

"YOUTH, YOUTH, YOUTH". I heard that chorus on a tape just once and spent the whole week mentally playing it over and over. Then I ...

The Rezillos: The Rise Of The Rezillos

Profile and Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Sounds, 13 August 1977

FIVE MINUTES into the Rezillos set at the Nashville I left behind the venue for a far more exotic scenario. I envisaged myself in a ...

The Viletones: The Four Viletones Of The Apocalypse

Profile by Jeremy Gluck, Sounds, 21 January 1978

FORGET NEW York, Give London a pass. Come instead to Toronto, Canada's fun city. Join the revellers at David's where, on certain choice nights, you ...

999: Briefing For Direct Action

Report and Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Sounds, 1 April 1978

I WOULD HAVE LAUGHED at you for saying as much to me before, but Liverpool, with all its cool, uninspiring streets and grey sky has ...

Generation X: 'You Can't Help Selling Out'

Report and Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Sounds, 22 April 1978

"MY FRIEND was bawling her eyes out. She asked Billy to kiss her and he did. She just about fainted!" ...

Generation X: Why Generation X Are The Best Group In The World

Interview by Jeremy Gluck, The Pig Paper, August 1978

KEEP THE Sex Pistols (someone is going to have to now), keep The Clash and someone take The Stranglers, please. I've got a group on ...

Alan Vega, Suicide: Alan Vega

Retrospective and Interview by Jeremy Gluck, unpublished, 1988

NOTE: Another unpublished piece for Bucketful of Brains from the prolific pen of Mr Jeremy Gluck, this time on Suicide's Alan Vega, written in 1988 ...

The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson: Brian Wilson: Good and Bad Vibrations

Interview by Jeremy Gluck, The Guardian, 1988

Beach Boy Brian Wilson owes his survival to his doctor and a regime of psychotherapy, diet and exercise, he told Jeremy Gluck. ...

The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson: What Was And What Might Have Been: A Lost Interview with Brian Wilson

Interview by Jeremy Gluck, unpublished, 1988

NOTE: It's 1988, Brian Wilson had just launched his solo career with the release of the eponymous Brian Wilson album, and Jeremy Gluck gets to ...

Paul Westerberg, The Replacements: Love Untold: St. Paul's Letters To The Philistines

Profile and Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Bucketfull of Brains, 1996

"Summary: The Replacements. Not only were The Replacements the best band to come out of the entire worthless decade of the ‘80s, but Paul Westerberg ...

Super Furry Animals

Guide by Jeremy Gluck,, Summer 2000

ELECTRIC, ECCENTRIC and fiercely nationalist, Wales' Super Furry Animals – comprising Gruff Rhys (vocals, guitars); Dafydd Ieuan (drums); Cian Ciaran (keyboards); Guto Pryce (bass); and ...

The Dictators: Go Girl Crazy

Review by Jeremy Gluck, MOJO, 2001

THESE OLD-SCHOOL rockers put punk on the musical map, opening the way, for better or worse, for two decades of divergent tunes and dissonant noise. ...

Suicide: The Marty Thau Interview

Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Bucketfull of Brains, March 2009

"I've always believed there is a fine line between abstract and pure accessibility and that is what I've always looked for ... an artist who ...

The dB's, Peter Holsapple, Chris Stamey: Peter Holsapple: An Interview

Interview by Jeremy Gluck, Bucketfull of Brains, Fall 2009

IN '82 WE WERE all listening to the dBs' second album, Repercussion. The Barracudas, having been shown the ejection seat by EMI, were in a ...

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