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David Biasotti

David Biasotti

David Biasotti is an assistant editor at Ugly Things and runs the Kaleidoscope homepage, Pulsating Dream. A former member of the dreadfully obscure Maxfield Parrish, he makes his home in Yokohama, Japan.

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Richard Brautigan, Mad River: Just Like a Poem: Richard Brautigan and Mad River

Retrospective and Interview by David Biasotti, Richard Brautigan (ed. John F. Barber), McFarland, 2007

THOUGH THEY RECORDED two albums for Capitol Records, Mad River remains one of the least-documented and enigmatic Bay Area bands of the late '60s. ...

Kaleidoscope: The Rise and Fall of the Neoprene Lizards: The Kaleidoscope Story

Retrospective and Interview by David Biasotti,, 2004

I: "It was great music to float on while in the thrall of cannabis." ...

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