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Founded in 1982, USA Today is a national American daily newspaper, now also available online.

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Rickie Lee Jones Follows Own Beat

Interview by Charles Bermant, USA Today, 5 June 1997

IT HAS BEEN 18 years since Rickie Lee Jones breezed in with the eccentric bop of 'Chuck E.'s in Love'. A one-hit wonder on radio, ...

The Beach Boys: Beach Boys Change, But the Sound Stays the Same

Interview by Charles Bermant, USA Today, 20 August 1998

THE BEACH BOYS, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, are on the road again. ...

P. F. Sloan: P.F. Sloan

Profile and Interview by Gene Sculatti, USA Today, 14 August 2006

"THE EASTERN WORLD, it is explodin'/ Violence flarin,' bullets loadin'." Some things never change. ...

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