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The Ink Spots: Blotting Up The Tears: The Ink Spots as avatars of indie

Essay by Tim Footman, Tangents, 2001

DON ESTELLE WAS in the identity parade on Never Mind The Buzzcocks the other evening. Leaving aside the leap of imagination required to contemplate that ...

Dexys Midnight Runners: An in-depth interview with Kevin Rowland and Kevin Archer

Interview by Everett True, Tangents, 2001

ET: What have you been doing? ...

Peter Skellern: Stardust and Coaldust: The melancholy magnificence of Peter Skellern

Retrospective by Tim Footman, Tangents, 2001

FOR VARIOUS REASONS I've been thinking about brass bands lately. Maybe it's a spin-off from my (by now doubtless wearying) fanboy crush on Hiroo Nakazaki's ...

Tom Lehrer

Retrospective by Everett True, Tangents, 2001

TOM LEHRER WAS the man who first taught me that Americans could be both smart and satirical. He was also indirectly responsible for one of ...

The Ramones, The Smiths: Everett True: Hey Ho Let's Go – The Story Of The Ramones/Simon Goddard: The Smiths – Songs That Saved Your Life

Book Review by Tim Footman, Tangents, 2002

THERE'S MORE THAN one way to string a Strat, and there are several ways to tell the story of a band. The most obvious is ...

Pete Wylie: God's Busker (I Wish You'd Believe Me)

Retrospective by Tim Footman, Tangents, 2002

It's sinful.... ...

Mogwai, Primal Scream, The Shop Assistants, The Wedding Present: 96 Tears

Retrospective by Tim Footman, Tangents, December 2002

I FELT A RUSH of nostalgically bad haircuts and Proustian army surplus anoraks while reading Alistair [Flitchett]'s consideration of C86. Nostalgia also for the days ...

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