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The Sunday Times Magazine is a magazine included with The Sunday Times, the UK Sunday newspaper.

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B.B. King, Gladys Knight, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder: Soul on Fire

Report by Philip Norman, The Sunday Times Magazine, 1972

STEVIE WONDER crosses the hotel lobby, resting on the elbows of two other people. That he is blind, has been blind from birth, is nonetheless ...

Cat Stevens: Top Cat: Cat Stevens

Profile and Interview by Philip Norman, The Sunday Times Magazine, 5 March 1972

TO DISCUSS brilliance in pop music is difficult; for there you are a genius by proclaiming yourself one, and the greatest of them all, Elton ...

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones: The Sound of the Stones

Profile and Interview by James Fox, The Sunday Times Magazine, August 1973

ALL THROUGH THE night while they rehearsed for the European tour, Keith Richards stood there in a trance with himself, rocking slowly backwards and forwards, ...

Ry Cooder: Vinyl Choice: Ry Cooder

Interview by Mick Brown, The Sunday Times Magazine, November 1980

RY COODER was once described as a "curator of American music". A fair assessment, but it hardly captures the joy and affection of his modern ...

Björk: A Quiet Storm

Interview by Simon Witter, The Sunday Times Magazine, 21 February 1993

A brief interview piece from early '93, just before her album Debut came out. Nobody, least of all her, had any idea how huge it ...

Neil Young In Nashville

Interview by Robert Sandall, The Sunday Times Magazine, 6 November 2005

HIS COMPLEXION is perhaps a little ruddier than we're used to but otherwise Neil Young is looking pretty good for a man who turns 60 ...

Chris Brown: The New Michael Jackson

Interview by Robin Eggar, The Sunday Times Magazine, 12 February 2006

Meet the kid they're calling the new Michael Jackson — Chris Brown, 16, from smallsville, VA ...

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