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Can, Irmin Schmidt: Irmin Schmidt: Confusion and Collaboration

Report and Interview by j. poet, Stereotype, 1999

THIRTY YEARS AGO a classically trained keyboard player and composer named Irmin Schmidt turned his back on the world of classical music and founded Can, ...

Dolly Parton

Interview by j. poet, Stereotype, 2000

THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS FULL OF ironies and insane contradictions, and Dolly Parton – a savvy businesswoman as well as an all-round entertainer – is ...

Merle Haggard Flies

Interview by j. poet, Stereotype, November 2000

MERLE HAGGARD IS The Okie From Muskogee, the Untamed Hawk, the Poet of the Working Man. He has a reputation for honestly speaking his mind, ...

Scott McCaughey, Young Fresh Fellows: Head Fellow: Scott McCaughey

Report and Interview by j. poet, Stereotype, 2001

IN THE EYES of many, Scott McCaughey, the front man of Seattle’s infamous musical wise guys, The Young Fresh Fellows, has finally got it made. ...

Rufus Wainwright: The Rueful Master Wainwright

Interview by j. poet, Stereotype, 2001

"A LOT OF SONGWRITING is revenge," Rufus Wainwright quipped, from his New York City hotel room. ...

Ike Turner: The Redemption Of Ike

Review and Interview by Andria Lisle, Stereotype, July 2001

ROCK AND BLUES trailblazer Ike Turner celebrates a new outlook, new album and his 50th year in music. ...

Wayne Hancock’s Real Country Music

Interview by j. poet, Stereotype, September 2001

WAYNE HANCOCK'S NO-NONSENSE approach to hardcore honky tonk, Texas swing and cowboy blues has made him a cult hero to fans and his latest ...

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