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Spiral Scratch

Spiral Scratch was a UK fanzine published in Cambridge, England in the late 1980s and early 1990s, focusing on punk, indie, alternative and industrial music.

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Smashing Pumpkins: Fuck Off... We're From CHICAGO!

Interview by Nick Jones, Spiral Scratch, 9 January 1992

"ISN'T THIS where The Beatles grew up?" inquires Billy Corgan from the stage of the Underworld club in London's Camden Town. His 4-piece Chicago band ...

John Peel

Interview by Alex Ogg, Spiral Scratch, May 1991

NOT THAT any introduction is really necessary, but how about this: ...

The Skids: A Wee Look Back At The Skids

Discography by Alex Ogg, Spiral Scratch, 9 April 1991

WITH AN ALBUM Jobson had forty odd minutes to indulge his Rupert Brooke fantasies, but singles saw The Skids stripped down to their basic, fiery ...

The Dead Boys: No Compromise, No Regrets

Obituary by Nina Antonia, Spiral Scratch, 11 June 1991

STIV BATORS, a man whose name read like an anagram, managed the rare feat of creative reincarnation, within the span of what was to be ...

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