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SoHo Weekly News

Launched in 1973, SoHo Weekly News was a guide to events in the Soho area of New York City. It ceased publication in March 1982. Read more here.

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Leonard Cohen Interviewed

Interview by Danny Fields, SoHo Weekly News, 5 December 1974

Leonard Cohen sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Danny Fields on November 6, 1974, at the Chelsea Hotel, New York City. They discuss how ...

The Ramones: Know Your New York Bands: The Ramones

Interview by Alan Betrock, SoHo Weekly News, 1 May 1975

1-2-3-4! The Ramones stride on stage, plug in their guitars, and take off. The next 45 minutes are a total energy blast. ...

Talking Heads

Interview by Michael Gross, SoHo Weekly News, 13 April 1978

IN 1975 THEY lived on Chrystie St., a block filled with some of the city's more economical courtesans, in a cold water loft, and they ...

The Black Music Association Movement Of Jah People

Report by Carol Cooper, SoHo Weekly News, 28 June 1979

DURING A DEFINITIVE rendition of ‘Exodus’ which capped an hour-long show by the Wailers, Stevie Wonder joined Bob Marley on stage and moved 2,000 members ...

John Lennon: The Snuff Of Dreams: The Death of John Lennon

Comment by Mick Farren, SoHo Weekly News, 10 December 1980

IT'S EASY IN more normal times to talk about the price of fame. By very definition the artist, the rock 'n' roll star is up ...

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