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Happy Mondays: Mondays, Bloody Mondays

Interview by Susan Compo, Siren, 1991

As the Happy Mondays prepare to release a live album to counteract/complement the Baby Big Head bootleg, what’s a girl with a book of post-punk ...

Lydia Lunch, Rowland S. Howard: To Thrill A Mockingbird: Lydia Lunch and Rowland Howard

Interview by Susan Compo, Siren, 1992

Lydia Lunch, currently doing the rounds with a collaborative Rowland S. Howard, is really in action Stateside, standing in opposition to the Ku Klux Klan. ...

Moe Tucker, Velvet Underground: Moe Tucker: Tucker's Luck

Interview by Richard North, Siren, February 1992

"Like Virginia Woolf, I am aware of the women who are not with us here because they are washing the dishes and looking after the ...

Spiritualized: Spaced Out

Interview by John Robb, Siren, February 1992

IN A BATTERED armchair collapses a laid back, skin and bone R'n'R trouper with an exquisite record collection and perfect cheekbones. Jason Pierce, ex Spaceman ...

Doughboys: Rising To The Task

Interview by John Robb, Siren, March 1992

PLAYING A melodic hardcore spiel that has typically been compared to Husker Du, Canada's Doughboys have been working the world circuit, almost 1500 gigs into ...

Public Image Ltd: D'Ya Ken John PiL

Interview by Richard North, Siren, March 1992

John Lydon refuses to go away, even though it seems the decent thing to do. Somehow he remains a thorn in the side, an anti-hero ...

Manic Street Preachers: Look Back In Bangor

Interview by John Robb, Siren, April 1992

THE BEAUTY of contradiction. Incendiary intellectuals tarted up on oxfam glam rags, sensitive made up boyos from the beer swilling valleys, the Manic Street Preachers ...

Max: Dirty Max Brigade

Profile and Interview by Richard North, Siren, April 1992

THOUGHTS. Kevin Mooney's flat. Aylesbury Estate, South East London. Twilight. ...

The 25th of May: Praise The Barricades

Report and Interview by Richard North, Siren, May 1992

"IN A WAY it's beyond words. I've got so much respect for the way he lifted himself above the surroundings, that he was brought up ...

The Haçienda: Club It To Death

Report by John Robb, Siren, May 1992

BRICKS AND mortar. For a building the Haçienda has become one hell of an icon for youth culture, a myth perpetrated by Manchester and Factory ...

The Verve: The Road To Wigan Fear

Profile and Interview by John Robb, Siren, May 1992

BOUNCING ONSTAGE in slow mo'...loose limbed lanky frame in shabby oxfam chic....v-necked black 'T'...shaggy barnet and flapping lips...the man is pure Jagger, Richard Ashcroft...the front ...

Nirvana: Nirva Mind The Bollocks

Interview by John Robb, Siren, August 1992

JESUS H. CHRIST! This is turning into some sort of modern-day fable. Out there, an uncompromised riffola outfit from an arse end of the US, ...

Sonic Youth: Dirt Tracks

Interview by John Robb, Siren, August 1992

JUMPING ON their own bandwagon, Sonic Youth are the old Nirvana, baton carriers of the underground spirit through the late '80s and early '90s, paving ...

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