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Founded in 2007, Shindig is an independent music magazine published monthly in the UK.

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Mad River: The Mad River Story

Retrospective and Interview by Johnny Black, Shindig, August 2008

AT THE CLOSE of the '60s, the power of America's rock bible Rolling Stone was immense. Entire careers hinged on the opinions of the magazine's ...

The Ramones: Ramones Forever

Interview by Larry Jaffee, Shindig, March 2010

Note: The interview with Joey and Dee Dee Ramone took place in July 1985 at their favourite East Village dive. "The world knew in '76 ...

Syd Barrett: Before The Void

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, October 2016

2016 MARKS 70 years since Syd Barrett entered this world, ten since he left it and an incredible half century since Pink Floyd played their ...

Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd: Overdrive! Syd Barrett Part 2

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, November 2016

LAST MONTH WE looked at Syd's childhood and the birth of Pink Floyd up to releasing 'Arnold Layne'. ...

Tim Buckley: The Dream Belongs to Me: The Tragic Journey of Tim Buckley

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, November 2016

FIFTY YEARS AGO this month, an album was released that, in its own strangely magical way, managed to stand out among the recent folk boom ...

The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield: Beautiful Brother: The Gentle Genius Of Curtis Mayfield, Part One

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, February 2017

How a poor boy from Chicago became the voice of the civil rights movement in soul's greatest vocal group, defined the black pride anthem and ...

Traffic: Fantasy and Reality: Traffic, Part One

Retrospective and Interview by Kris Needs, Shindig, March 2017

50 years ago, four musicians moved into a haunted Berkshire cottage. Surrounded by ancient sites and monuments, they ignited a unique musical melting pot that ...

Curtis Mayfield: Move On Up: Curtis Mayfield Part 2

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, March 2017

VASTLY EXCEEDING his hopes when it was released that September, Curtis was greeted as the most exciting soul album since Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul ...

Traffic Part 2: Last Exits

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, April 2017

NOW WITHOUT any band at all, Island released Traffic's Last Exit in May, consisting of singles that ironically started with Mason's 'Just For You'. ...

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