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Baaba Maal: Going Home: Baaba Maal Returns To The Roots Of His Music

Profile and Interview by j. poet, SF Gate, 10 August 2001

WHEN BAABA MAAL comes to the Fillmore on Saturday, August 11, Bay Area audiences will get to hear a voice that is one of the ...

The Meters: New Orleans' ambassadors of funk, the Meters, revel in long-overdue respect and earn still more

Report and Interview by Joel Selvin, SF Gate, 21 November 2005

ART NEVILLE sat on the arm of a backstage sofa at the Fillmore Auditorium, smoking a cigarette and sipping a little white wine before showtime. ...

Madonna: HP Pavilion, San Jose

Live Review by Joel Selvin, SF Gate, 1 June 2006

Madonna follows her glitzy, exhausting script to the letter. The Madonna circus rolls in — but it's not about the music ...

Grateful Dead, The Tubes: Vince Welnick, 1951-2006

Obituary by Joel Selvin, SF Gate, 30 June 2006

WHEN VINCE WELNICK signed on to play keyboards for the Grateful Dead, some people said it probably saved his life. He had five good years ...

A Brief History of Ska

Guide by Joel Selvin, SF Gate, 23 March 2008

SKA EMERGED IN Jamaica as a kind of ham-fisted combination of American rhythm & blues and Caribbean folk styles, such as calypso and mento, in ...

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