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Player, full title Young Mates Music Player, is a Japanese monthly music magazine.

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Jaco Pastorius: Portrait of Jaco

Interview by Steven Rosen, Player, June 1978

JACO PASTORIUS, at 26, has developed bass playing capabilities putting him at the top of the technical ladder. He combines an R&B feel with strict ...

The Beach Boys, Carl Wilson: Carl Wilson

Interview by Steven Rosen, Player, 2005

AT A TIME when the venerable institution of the Beach Boys was threatening to disassemble itself during the late 70s and early 80s, youngest Wilson ...

Paul McCartney, Wings: The Time I Was Not Invisible In Front Of Paul McCartney

Retrospective and Interview by Steven Rosen, Player, October 2007

IN 1973, I SAW myself disappearing. I was a grammar ghost, a sentence-writing cipher with barely a byline to hang my rent on. ...

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