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Oui was a men's adult magazine published in the USA between 1972 and 2007.

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Muddy Waters Rarely Eats Fish

Interview by Nick Tosches, Oui, January 1973

THREE OF Oui's finest encountered Muddy Waters in his hotel room one recent afternoon, and an interview took place. Here it is: ...

Alice Cooper: The Mystery Tits

Report by Jim Esposito, Oui, June 1974

FIFTEEN FEET in front of me, Alice Cooper was doing his thing all over an elevated plywood stage. ...

Donna Summer: The Great Rocking Orgasmic Renaissance of AM Radio

Special Feature by Jim Esposito, Oui, September 1976

(Which Considers The Question: Is Donna Summer Coming Or Going?) ...

The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson: A Conversation With Brian Wilson

Interview by David Rensin, Oui, December 1976

The poet laureate of surf and sand talks about the tribulations of being a genius, his ongoing struggle with things chemical and his monumental plans ...

Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship: Grace Slick Interviewed: Grass, Acid And The Starship

Interview by Jim Esposito, Oui, February 1977

GRACE SLICK, the original Acid Queen, was born Grace Wing October 30th, 1939, in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was an investment banker. Her mother, a ...

The LA Music Scene

Report by Steven X Rea, Oui, 1980

The City of Angels has become a Dada delight ...

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