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First published in 1987, the New York Observer is a weekly newspaper which focuses on the city's culture, real estate, media, politics and the entertainment and publishing industries.

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David Arnold, John Barry, Sheryl Crow: More Fun With Martinis, Girls and Guns on 007 Albums

Report and Interview by James Hunter, New York Observer, 12 January 1998

PUSHING HER voice to surge and sparkle in ways it just doesn't want to, Sheryl Crow tries and tries to manage the choruses of 'Tomorrow ...

Garbage, Superdrag, Van Halen: Albums from Van Halen, Superdrag and Garbage

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 18 May 1998

Is Rock Dead? No, It's Just Morphing ...

Lucinda Williams Is Ready for Her Close-Up Now

Profile by James Hunter, New York Observer, 29 June 1998

THE COGNOSCENTI are wigging. "How did a 45-year-old 'neurotic diva' with one foot in Faulkner's South and one foot in Garth's make the year's best ...

Burt Bacharach: The Look of Love – The Burt Bacharach Collection

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 23 November 1998

Kitschy-Kitschy-Koo: Look of Love Gets Too Cute ...

Massive Attack: Singles 90/98 (Virgin)

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 15 February 1999

What Big Ears They Have! Massive Attack's Remix Art ...

Blur, William Orbit: Blur: 13 (Virgin)

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 5 April 1999

Blur's Tender Mercies Shine Through Sheen of 13 ...

Underworld: Warhol Without the Wackos: Underworld's Beaucoup Fish

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 19 April 1999

THERE'S ALWAYS BEEN something different about Underworld, the three cunning Englishmen who in the '90s have had their way with U.K. beat culture, recasting it ...

Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams: Backstreet Boys: Millennium (Jive); Robbie Williams: The Ego Has Landed (Capitol)

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 24 May 1999

Backstreet Boys Play Coy, Robbie Williams Is a Joy ...

Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Tom Ze: David Byrne Has Got His Ears Wide Open

Interview by James Hunter, New York Observer, 28 June 1999

  FOR THE last 10 years, David Byrne has run Luaka Bop, the Manhattan-based record label that specializes in international pop, with Yale Evelev, formerly of ...

Chet Baker, John Barry: Playing by Heart: John Barry in All His Glory

Review by James Hunter, New York Observer, 17 January 2000

A SUPERNATURAL-LOOKING CD entitled Playing by Heart is billed to John Barry, Chris Botti and, weirdly enough, Chet Baker. On the black-and-white CD cover, in ...

Linda Thompson: Miserable Old Sod Linda Thompson Returns as Exquisitely Sad as Ever

Interview by Mac Randall, New York Observer, 29 July 2002

THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE who say that Linda Thompson is the greatest female rock singer alive. I'm not one of them-partly because I think her ...

Phil Spector: L.A. Proved Too Much For Blake and Spector: Bring On the Trials

Report by Deanne Stillman, New York Observer, 19 April 2004

TWO VERY STRANGE courtroom spectacles are about to unfold in Los Angeles: the murder trials of Robert Blake and Phil Spector. I've been covering these ...

The Slits: The Distaff Side of Punk - The Slits Re-Released at Last

Retrospective by Mac Randall, New York Observer, 14 February 2005

IF YOU ASK PEOPLE to name the most influential punk-rock bands of all time – even people who boast scarily high levels of pop-culture awareness ...

Banks: Trinity, Bristol

Live Review by Simon Price, New York Observer, 23 March 2014

Banks is on everyone's Next Big Thing list. This haunting show proves the American R&B star worthy of the hype ...

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