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Buzzcocks: The Buzzcocks

Interview by Ian Fortnam,, 1999

SINCE THEIR initial formation, way back in 1976, Manchester’s Buzzcocks have attained a genuinely legendary status in the hearts and minds of both aficionados of ...

Burt Bacharach: We're In Love With This Guy: Hal David

Interview by Terry Staunton,, 27 May 1999

Lyrical legend HAL DAVID has just become the first non-Briton to be honoured with a prestigious Ivor Novello Award by the British Academy Of Composers ...

The Clash: A Career Overview

Overview by Ian Fortnam,, June 1999

IN 1977, ROCK'N'ROLL WASN'T merely a peripheral diversion to take your mind off of the mortgage on a Saturday night, it was a matter of ...

Happy Mondays: Greatest Hits

Review by Ian Fortnam,, August 1999

Of course, this whole Mondays comeback nonsense merely drags the hard-won bad name of everyone's favourite Manc scamps down to even lower levels of infamy. ...

Richard Hell: The Richard Hell Interview

Interview by Ian Fortnam,, 2000

RICHARD MEYERS, AKA Richard Hell, has more than made his mark on many areas of the media. Musically, he formed Television with Tom Verlaine, the ...

Led Zeppelin: Latter Days

Review by Ian Fortnam,, April 2000

BY 1973 Led Zeppelin had attained absolutely colossal status and the band's positively palaeontological enormity was utterly unprecedented. The Beatles may have enjoyed a far ...

MC5, Wayne Kramer: The Wayne Kramer Interview

Interview by Ian Fortnam,, April 2000

DETROIT, MICHIGAN’S Motor City 5 slicked their savage, sonic sedition with pure, high octane, rock ‘n’ roll rocket fuel. When they initially spat their fretboard ...

Alvin Stardust, The Rubettes, Showaddywaddy: Showaddywaddy/Alvin Stardust/The Rubettes: London Palladium

Live Review by Ian Fortnam,, 2001

WELCOME TO MIKE LEIGH'S Lollapalooza. Monstrous Brylcreem erections sway precariously, as gaggles of tiddly matrons giggle and jiggle the creases from their jeans. Unlikely lads ...

The Strokes: The Monarch, London

Live Review by Julian Marszalek,, 9 February 2001

London's second-most-hyped gig of the evening showcases NY legends in waiting ...

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