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Meanjin is an Australian literary journal. The name – pronounced Mee-AN-jin – is derived from an Aboriginal word for the spike of land where the city Brisbane is located. It was founded in 1940 in Brisbane, by Clem Christesen. It moved to Melbourne in 1945 and is now a subsidiary of the University of Melbourne.

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Nick Cave, Michael Hutchence, Johnny O'Keefe, Paul Kelly (singer-songwriter): Co-Dependent: A Potted History of Drugs and Australian Music

Essay by Clinton Walker, Meanjin, 1 June 2002

I CAN STILL remember my first joint. All the usual jibes notwithstanding (memory loss, not inhaling, whatever), I remember it vividly: It was at the ...

Alan Dale, Johnny O'Keefe, Vic Sabrino, Les Welch: What was the First Australian Rock 'n' Roll Record?

Retrospective by Clinton Walker, Meanjin, 2006

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Extracted from the Meanjin Anthology, edited by Sally Heath and published by Melbourne University Press in 2012, after it was first published in Meanjin magazine in ...

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