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Maverick is a UK monthly magazine focusing on country, folk, bluegrass and roots music. First published in 2002, it was available as a printed publication until 2011, but is now available only online.

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Uncle Dave Macon: Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy (Bear Family)

Review by Tony Russell, Maverick, September 2004

UNCLE DAVE MACON was the first real star of country music. True, Fiddlin' John Carson got on disc first: Uncle Dave made his debut recording ...

Charlie Poole: You Ain't Talkin' To Me: Charlie Poole And The Roots Of Country Music

Review by Tony Russell, Maverick, May 2005

THE PAST IS another country music: they do things differently there. In a rural school hall, dancers execute their circle-lefts and allemands, the fire in ...

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