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Juice was an Australian music magazine launched as an alternative to Rolling Stone in 1993 and which continued in to the early 2000s.

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Henry Rollins: The Bright Stuff

Interview by Mark Mordue, Juice, April 1993

As American as Apple Pie, saluting the flag, street violence, psychopaths, racism, guns, incest, overdoses, police brutality, urban decay and spiritual horror. Mark Mordue goes ...

The Triffids' David McComb

Interview by Toby Creswell, Juice, 1994

THE DAVID MCCOMB who left Perth with his band the Triffids was still a very young man. Even at those first gigs in the East, ...

The's: Japanese Rockers in Australia

Profile and Interview by Clinton Walker, Juice, June 1994

UPSTAIRS AT the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney, Japanese all-girl psychobilly band the's are geeing up in anticipation of a performance. They change into matching ...

Jeff Buckley: Grace under Fire

Interview by Toby Creswell, Juice, February 1996

"THE RECORD IS FANTASTIC, you and I know that. The band is really great and, let's face it, all the women want to get into ...

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