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Frendz was an English underground magazine. Launched as Friends of Rolling Stone in 1969, it shortened its name to Friends, subsequently becoming Frendz in May 1971. It covered the politics and drugs issues as well as reflecting the underground music scene of the time. Frendz ceased publication in August 1972.

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Frank Zappa: It's All In Self-Defence

Interview by Jonathon Green, Friends/Frendz, 22 November 1969

SURROUNDED BY The Business, eating through all the courses of a 'luncheon', gradually accumulating more and more different varieties of food and drink inside — ...

MC5 Interview

Interview by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, 31 March 1972

NICK: Firstly, why the move to Europe? ...

Captain Beefheart: Beefheart: Rough Trade From Venus Hits It Big

Interview by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, 28 April 1972

PROLOGUE – a true story: Mark, like most other 17 year-old boys, was going through the usual hassles which come with being young in the ...

The Rolling Stones: Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street (Rolling Stones Records)

Review by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, 12 May 1972

WELL, THEY started off as the original Richmond rough-house rock band and progressed through all the trends and bends and drug numbers and delicious outrage ...

The Flamin' Groovies, Grateful Dead: Grateful Dead et al: Bickershaw Festival, Lancashire

Report by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, June 1972

BICKERSHAW, A SLEEPY little Northern town, had certainly never seen anything like it before. Coronation St had been invaded by the day glow kids and ...

The Flamin' Groovies: Flamin' Groovies

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, 23 June 1972

AS I RECALL, it was the second week of July back there in 1970 — prime time for a righteous dose of dem ole Summertime ...

Alice Cooper: The Killer Comes to Town

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, July 1972

WELL, LET'S see, kids — it must be back there in 1969 that the name of Alice Cooper started to get around and gain a ...

David Bowie: The Wild Mutation As A Rock 'n' Roll Star

Profile by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, September 1972

SATURDAY NIGHT was star night down at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park and how! I mean, my dear, you just wouldn't believe all those ...

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