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Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is an American magazine, published by Time Inc., that covers film, television, music, theatre, books and popular culture.

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Metallica: Metallica

Review by David Browne, Entertainment Weekly, 16 August 1991

YOU CAN ONLY pound your head against a wall for so long before you get a headache. On their self-titled new album, Metallica, rock's pre-eminent ...

Tori Amos

Interview by Mark Petracca, Entertainment Weekly, 1993

THE LAST PERSON you'd expect pumping the stair master at your local "Y" would be Tori Amos, but lo and behold, there she was in ...

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: Pig Lib

Review by Will Hermes, Entertainment Weekly, 21 March 2003

STEPHEN MALKMUS is indie rock's Jack Nicholson: a guy whose insouciant faculty is so great he need only arch a musical eyebrow to entertain. And ...

Lucinda Williams: World Without Tears

Review by Will Hermes, Entertainment Weekly, 11 April 2003

"WE ARE SO out of touch," sang Lucinda Williams on 2001's Essence. It's a line that could double as a proud slogan for her label, ...

Jane's Addiction: Strays

Review by Marc Weingarten, Entertainment Weekly, 25 July 2003

A DECADE AGO, Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell was one of rock's beloved oddballs. With his bodices and feather boas, his neo-pagan notions of earth ...

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