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Cosmik Debris

Cosmik Debris was a monthly online music magazine. It was launched in 1995, and ceased regular publication in December 2005, although a final issue was published in March 2007.

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The Sex Pistols: 10 Reasons Why the Sex Pistols Didn't (or Couldn't) Save Rock 'n' Roll: In honor of Julien Temple's The Filth And The Fury

Retrospective by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, June 2000

1. MALCOLM McLAREN Never before in the long and illustrious annals of popular music history has a man been handed so much raw talent atop a ...

The Guess Who, Michel Pagliaro, Teenage Head: Ten Canadian Records You Shouldn’t Live Without

Guide by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, April 2001

CULTURALLY, CANADA is without a doubt one of the most diverse nations on the planet, and with its record stores awash since the 1950's in ...

Pat Boone: Should Pat Boone be Inducted Into the R'n'R Hall of Fame?

Comment by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, April 2002

SEEMS A simple, even innocent enough little inquiry, doesn't it? But I swear, seldom in all my quarter-century-plus of Piggery has one topic – one ...

Pat Boone: My Breakfast with Boone

Memoir by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, June 2002

AS BIZARRE as even I still consider this lil' factoid to be, Yours Truly honestly did spend the majority of the Reagan administration touring Canada's ...

Pat Boone: The Literary Boone

Essay by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, November 2002

[What follows is the concluding portion of our Pat Boone trifecta, part one being the infamous RnR Hall Of Fame Poll, which somehow led straight ...

Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Volume 4: Bob Dylan, Live, 1966

Review by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, September 2003

IT SEEMS EVERY time Our Boy Bob scores big with a contemporary piece of new work, he feels secure enough to bless us with another ...

The Detroit Cobras: In Church with the Detroit Cobras

Comment by Adam Blake, Cosmik Debris, 2004

FOR ME, IT happened like this. In April 2003 I was getting a lift back from a session gig courtesy of Ben out of Cornershop, ...

Free: The Ballad of Free

Retrospective by Adam Blake, Cosmik Debris, February 2004

IT'S HARD TO imagine nowadays, but in the strict context of the then-emerging British blues boom, Free were a punk band, and Tons Of Sobs ...

Eric Clapton, Howlin' Wolf, Hubert Sumlin: Talkin' 'Bout A Spoonful: Hubert Sumlin, Eric Clapton and the evolution of blues guitar

Essay by Adam Blake, Cosmik Debris, 22 February 2004

FOR THE RECORD, I would like to state that my favourite bluesmen are Sonny Boy (Aleck 'Rice' Miller) Williamson and Professor Longhair, neither of whom ...

Elvis Presley: Tryin' To Get To Elvis

Essay by Adam Blake, Cosmik Debris, 4 April 2004

IN THE LIBRARY today I put on the Sun Sessions to cheer me up while I was working. When it came around to the bridge ...

The Faces Underrated

Essay by Adam Blake, Cosmik Debris, 25 April 2004

I DECIDED TO make a compilation of The Faces for the usual reason: an anally retentive desire to put all my favourite tracks in one ...

The Beatles, Bob Dylan: Al Aronowitz: The Man Who Invented the '60s

Profile and Interview by Gary Pig Gold, Cosmik Debris, October 2004

Gary "Pig" Gold meets the Man Who Invented the Sixties. ...

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