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John Mellencamp: Life, Death, Love & Freedom

Review by Larry Jaffee, Audiophile Review, June 2009

JOHN MELLENCAMP is one of these artists who has always confounded me. ...

Neil Young: Sugar Mountain - Live At Canterbury House

Review by Larry Jaffee, Audiophile Review, December 2009

NEIL YOUNG HAS BEEN such a music staple in our collective consciousness for so long that it’s nearly impossible to remember that he was once ...

Richard and Linda Thompson, Richard Thompson, Teddy Thompson: The Family Business: Richard Thompson and Relatives

Retrospective and Interview by Larry Jaffee, Audiophile Review, April 2010

Sept. 2011 note: I spent 18 months working on this piece. Richard was the easiest to get hold of. When I shared this tidbit with ...

Gregg Allman: Low Country Blues

Review by Larry Jaffee, Audiophile Review, Fall 2011

BEFORE YOU EVEN HEAR a note, the coupling of Gregg Allman produced by T-Bone Burnett seems like a match made in heaven. ...

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