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Artforum is an international monthly magazine, now published in New York, specializing in contemporary art. Its first issue was published in 1962.

5 articles

Bop Art

Essay by Glenn O'Brien, Artforum, February 1982

1) From Atlantis to the Jazz Loft MUSIC WAS probably the first art. You could run with it and take it up a ...

Psychedelic Art: Flashing Back

Essay by Glenn O'Brien, Artforum, March 1984

Standing in line at the bank: what if this were on TV? What if we were all on mescalin?– Michael Brownstein, from '43 Cents a ...

Malcolm McLaren: Mozart, Puccini, Bizet, and McLaren

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Artforum, December 1984

MALCOLM McLAREN is a new sort of artist, your Barbarian Renaissance Man, the missing link between Leonardo and Conan. He has been the enfant terrible ...

Blur, Oasis: The Marketing Of Britpop

Overview by Jon Savage, Artforum, October 1995

RECENTLY I returned from the US into a British news media dominated by a by-election in the North West of England. The point about the ...

Jungle Pirate Radio

Essay by Jon Savage, Artforum, May 1996

BUILT IN a clay basin, London promotes claustrophobia as a way of life: but then, something can happen that lets the air in, that makes ...

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