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Wynton Marsalis (1996)

Interview by Tony Scherman, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1996

The jazz trumpeter and composer talks about his impact on the form and its current state; his involvement in teaching and his proteges; where he's at, and his ambitions; on studying composition, and the nature of compositon and improvisation; his impact as a spokesman; his involvement in the Lincoln Center Jazz Program; on why he's attacked; his current projects; his luck being surrounded by good people, and some of the turning points in his career.

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Darting Into the Stratosphere

Interview by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 28 August 1982

Teenage trumpet major WYNTON MARSALIS lights up another admirer ...

Wynton Marsalis Under Fire: "It's Like I'm The Enemy Now"

Interview by Steve Bloom, Record, September 1983

IT TAKES a rare kind of chutzpah to tell Johnny Carson where to go. Wynton Marsalis, Downbeat's "Musician of the Year" in 1982, did just ...

Wynton Marsalis: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Brian Case, Melody Maker, 22 September 1984

TRUST WYNTON Marsalis to try the most difficult crossover of all. There has been very little successful commuting between jazz and classical music, although the ...

Wynton Marsalis: Majesty of the Blues (Columbia) ***½

Review by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, 13 July 1989

NONE OTHER than Miles Davis himself pronounced trumpeter Wynton Marsalis a "perfect player," but that may have been damning with faint praise — there was ...

Wynton Marsalis: What Is Jazz?

Interview by Tony Scherman, American Heritage, October 1995

Wynton Marsalis believes America is in danger of losing the truest mirror of our national identity. If that's the case, we are at least fortunate ...

Wynton Marsalis: Shock of the New

Profile and Interview by John Lewis, The Guardian, 2 March 2007

Wynton Marsalis almost explodes with rage when he talks about hip-hop. So why has the jazz stalwart recorded a track on which he breaks into ...

Wynton Marsalis Toots His Own Horn

Interview by Miles Marshall Lewis, Ebony, 8 October 2013

YES, WYNTON Marsalis has soul. The knee-jerk criticism of the 51-year-old jazz trumpeter ever since his self-titled 1981 album has been that, while always technically ...


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