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The Winkies

Winkies, The

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Eno & the Winkies: Civic Hall, Guildford

Live Review by Ray Fox-Cumming, Disc, 2 March 1974

BEFORE HIS Guildford concert with the Winkies last Wednesday, Eno told me: "I've tried rearranging the running order of the songs in all sorts of ...

Eno, the Winkies: Greyhound, Croydon, London

Live Review by James Johnson, New Musical Express, 2 March 1974

IN THE CAR travelling back to London, Eno was making some excuses. The acoustics of the hall were terrible, he said, and the heat put ...

Eno: "I'm a Born Thief"

Interview by Ray Fox-Cumming, Disc, 2 March 1974

... or "Eno helps digest other people's music". Fox-Cumming gets on earful of warm jets. ...

Winkies - Winkies

Review by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 12 April 1975

AND SO, AS if to pinpoint that they'd stuck a ring through the collective nose of every other pub rocker when it came to osmosing ...

The Winkies: The Winkies

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, May 1975

THIS MONTH'S import special features a group with a dumb name that sounds like a cross between a marine crustacean and a Hostess snack cake ...

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