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Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry

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Wild Cherry: Ripe 'n' Funky

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, November 1976

Wild Cherry used to be into heavy rock. Now they play that funky music and their hit single has gone platinum... ...

The Jacksons, Wild Cherry: Convention Arena, Fort Worth, Texas

Live Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 7 May 1977

A LABEL CHANGE and a substitution of brothers doesn't seem to have harmed the famous five some's charisma any. Michael's still up front and he, ...

Wild Cherry: Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 9 June 1977

TEN YEARS ago, a blue-eyed soulster like Mitch Ryder filled the role that Wild Cherry occupies today with its funk-rock. Basically a Midwest bar band ...


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