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Widespread Panic: Widespread Panic (Capricorn)

Review by Jon Young, Musician, October 1991

ITS SWELL that R.E.M. and the B-52's represent the enlightened New South. But don't you miss the backwards Old South, where hairy wild men who ...

Panic Attack: An Actual Rock Show Comes to Town!

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Creative Loafing, 23 July 1994

DAVE SCHOOLS can't wait to get to Savannah. Neither can the rest of his band for that matter. Yes, even now the collective stomachs of ...

Freebirds All: Southern Rock's Undying Appeal

Overview by Kandia Crazy Horse, The Village Voice, 16 December 1998

SOUTHERN ROCK'S masterworks show this century a viable southern heroism: the quest to overcome the dread of Jim Crow and the pall of ruined empire. ...

Widespread Panic: Til the Medicine Takes (Capricorn)

Review by Richard Gehr, Spin, September 1999

DOES ANY musical style beg more loudly for a swift kick in the boot-cut Levis than Southern-fried boogie? Or is the tradition of such bands ...


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