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Tony Williams

Tony Williams

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Mass Music: The Band, Allman Brothers, Tony Williams and Miles Davis

Review by Miller Francis Jr., Great Speckled Bird, The, 8 December 1969

EACH OF the record albums discussed here could be termed a masterpiece worthy of a full-length "rave." But the Review format can often be nothing ...

After Miles comes Tony's Lifetime

Interview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 17 January 1970

THE IMPORTANCE of the use of rock rhythms by the Miles Davis Quintet is only now beginning to be realised. Like everything Miles does, it ...

How To Think Like A Drummer

Interview by J.D. Considine, Musician, June 1988

Becoming a Drumhead in 6 Easy Lessons ...

Jazz Drummer Tony Williams: A Lifetime of Risky Riffs

Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 17 August 1989

"Every time I go on stage to I play, I'm risking," declared jazz drummer/bandleader Tony Williams. "That's part of my job and part of my ...

Tony Williams Reinvents Himself

Interview by Tony Scherman, Musician, June 1991

Can't stop worrying, can't stop growing. The world's best drummer turns to composing. ...

Robert Wyatt: Invisible Jukebox

Interview by Mike Barnes, Wire, The, December 1995

Every month we play a musician a series of records which they're asked to identify and comment on — with no prior knowledge of what ...


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