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Tony! Toni! Toné!: T! T! T! Who?

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 7 June 1988

  LET'S START with a little quiz: what's the name of an old gospel song that became a mid-Sixties hit for a major instrumentalist and has ...

Exclamations From Tony! Toni! Toné!'s

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 22 May 1990

IF YOU'RE a young group and you hit first time out with your debut album achieving gold status, the big question is bound to be: ...

Tony! Toni! Tone!: The Tonies Plan to Utilise UK Rough Stuff

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 19 March 1991

US hitmakers Tony! Toni! Tone! look to the "tougher" sound of London for continued success ...

Tony! Toni! Toné!: Sons of Soul (Mercury 3145514933-2; CD and cassette)

Review by Amy Linden, The New York Times, 5 September 1993

Basking in Soul's Past Glory ...

Tony! Toni! Toné!: Forum, London

Live Review by Andrew Smith, The Guardian, 8 September 1993

THERE ARE many unspoken rules in pop. One is that you can tell how important a group consider themselves to be by the number of ...

Tony Toni Toné: The Forum, Kentish Town, London

Live Review by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 28 September 1993

I'M A FAN of the Tonies... what they stand for, the music they make, the whole tongue in cheek element; their acknowledgement of Northern California's ...

Tony! Toni! Tone!: Hitting the Wonder button with Soul's Hottest Retro Pioneers

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Musician, November 1993

"WE GOT one little trick we use when we're making records," says Tim Christian Riley. Tim and his cousins Dwayne and Raphael Wiggins comprise the ...

Tony Toni Toné: Sons of Soul

Report and Interview by Simon Witter, The Sunday Times, December 1993

SAN FRANCISCO'S Oakland area has a history of producing great, energetic groups - from Sly & The Family Stone and The Pointer Sisters to Hammer ...

Venus fires and retro rockets

Report and Interview by Paul Sexton, The Times, 29 November 1996

Graphic sex is out and good, old-fashioned lurve is in for America's latest soul stars. Paul Sexton meets some of them ...

Tony! Toni! Toné!: House of Music (Mercury)

Review by Michael A. Gonzales, Vibe, December 1996

BEFORE D'ANGELO spawned the current '70s soul revival, the groovy trio Tony Toni Tone — drummer Timothy Christian Riley, guitarist Dwayne Wiggins, and singer/bassist/keyboardist Raphael ...

Tony Toni Toné: Family Ties

Interview by Michael A. Gonzales, Vibe, February 1997

The trio who helped resurrect the true soul sound say their stunning new album might be their last. Are the brothers going to work it ...

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