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Jet-Set Folkies: Not Us, Say Tom Jans and Mimi Fariña

Profile and Interview by uncredited writer, Beat Instrumental, October 1971

ON MAY 1, 1966, Richard Fariña, novelist, poet and folk singer was returning from a party celebrating the publication of his novel Been Down So ...

Tom Jans: Tom Jans

Press Release by uncredited writer, A&M Records, October 1974

TOM JANS is a native Californian with a life-long love for music and language. He crammed his adolescence full of books, sports, and music, playing ...

Tom Jans: Dark Blonde

Review by Pete Makowski, Sounds, 4 June 1977

SOMETIMES I feel so good I can feel my body growing... YEAHHH!!! Y'know CBS were really surprised (in fact speechless) when I enquired about this ...

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