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Tindersticks: Marbles 10”

Review by Ian Christe, Alternative Press, July 1993

THIS WELL-TEXTURED export from the British outback contains comfortably-paced soothe rock dominated by strange choral organ riffs. Two of the four songs feature slightly ...

Tindersticks: Tindersticks

Review by Ben Thompson, MOJO, December 1993

BETWEEN NICK CAVE AND THE FALL maybe; or separating early Dexys from mid-peri-od Pogues; or even right back alongside Lee Hazlewood and Leonard Cohen – ...

Tindersticks/Baby Bird/High Llamas/Sparklehorse: The Astoria, London

Live Review by Barney Hoskyns, Independent, The, 1995

IT'S RARE enough these days that you find two decent bands on the same bill, let alone four. So hats off to the New Musical ...

Tindersticks: The Tindersticks' Second Album

Review by Mark Cooper, MOJO, May 1995

THERE'S A WONDERFULLY hushed, still quality about Tindersticks that pulls you closer to the speakers. Casually overheard, much of this album sounds like little more ...

Tindersticks: ICA, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, 12 November 1996

THE TINDERSTICKS' image is set in stone. Their debut double-album three years ago was full of songs of desperate love, back-alley violence and occasional masturbation. ...


Profile by Barney Hoskyns, Boston Phoenix, The, 11 July 1997

IT USED to be easy to dismiss Tindersticks - to deride them as boho poseurs, as wannabe Nick Caves, as provincial boys who came to ...

Tindersticks: Curtain Raiser

Interview by Chris Roberts, Uncut, August 1997

OH, AND ONCE AGAIN TINDERSTICKS have made the grandest, greatest record on earth. You hear it and the love pours out of you. It's really ...

Tindersticks: Subterania, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, May 2001

"WE HAVEN'T found our feet yet, have we?" mutters Stuart Staples mid-set. A voice from the crowd is shy but clearly audible: "Yes, you have!" ...

Tindersticks: Live at The Botanique, Brussels

Live Review by David Stubbs, Uncut, July 2001

AH, EUROPE. Given the increasingly infantile world of Anglo-American rock and pop culture, it's heartening to know there are giant pockets of pre-post-modern, un-ironic reverentiality ...

Tindersticks: Live at Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, December 2001

THE ALBERT Hall was surely built for Tindersticks. Actually, no, I've just done some in-depth historical research and it was built for other reasons, but ...


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