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Stone the Crows: Fire and soul from the Crows' nest

Interview by Roy Hollingworth, Melody Maker, 5 September 1970

AFTER JULIE Driscoll and Christine Perfect, who is going to be the next British female blues singer? Tiresome, boring question? Not anymore because her name ...

Stone The Crows: Maggie Rings The Bell

Interview by Roy Hollingworth, Melody Maker, 24 October 1970

Roy Hollingworth talks to the girl with the hottest new voice in rock... ...

Stone The Crows: London School of Economics

Live Review by Mark Plummer, Melody Maker, 23 January 1971

MAGGIE BELL, with a lot of help from her friends in Stone The Crows, turned what could have been a disappointing evening at the London ...

Stone The Crows: Teenage Licks (Polydor Super 2425 071 E2.15)

Review by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 16 October 1971

FROM THE first track on this third album from Stone The Crows it is obvious where their roots lie, in good time rock and R&B; ...

Led Zeppelin, Stone the Crows: Empire Pool, Wembley

Live Review by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 27 November 1971

Zeppelin circus roars into town ...

Brash Tales of Stone The Crows

Profile and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 6 January 1972

ALL ALONG the super ye-ye, tres decadent beaches of St. Tropez this summer, the absolute super coolest most single chic garment one could be seen ...

Stone The Crows: Les Harvey — A Rock Tragedy

Obituary by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 13 May 1972

LIFE AS a rock star isn't all glamour. It's a hard, gruelling existence which too often can end in tragedy. ...

Pub Fights, Gales, Oldies: The Gt. Western Festival Saga

Report by Andrew Bailey, Rolling Stone, 6 July 1972

LONDON — "Somebody leaped out at her from behind some bushes in our driveway," explained a seething Lieut-Col. Michael Underwood, "and gave her a black ...

Stone the Crows: Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle

Live Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 29 July 1972


Stone The Crows: Maggie May

Interview by Andrew Tyler, Disc, 5 August 1972

ON THE fringe of unassuming Dunstable, Beds., Queensway Hall crouches like an errant space machine — an impressive spectacle and very expensive. It's at least ...

Stone the Crows: Greens Playhouse, Glasgow

Live Review by Mark Plummer, Melody Maker, 23 September 1972

Crows — home is where the heart is ...

Stone The Crows: Ontinuous Performance

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Cream, November 1972

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE that this album hasn't sold 87 million copies. The Crows are one of that select handful of red-hot live bands who ...

Stone The Crows: Ontinuous Performance

Review by Loyd Grossman, Rolling Stone, 15 February 1973

STONE THE CROWS are hardly a well-known band here. Whether this is due to the hard heart, but quite undeservedly so, of radio programmers or ...

Stone the Crows: Stone the Crows

Sleeve notes by Chris Welch, Repertoire Records, 1997

"STONE THE CROWS!" shouted legendary manager Peter Grant, when he first heard this splendid young Scottish band roaring into action. Although it was the Londoner's ...

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