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Stevie Nicks: Confessions Of A Rock Chick

Interview by Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror, 21 November 2003

CURLED UP on the sofa at Fleetwood Mac's Los Angeles rehearsal studios, Stevie Nicks looks every inch the ageing rock chick survivor. At her feet ...

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Stevie Nicks (2003)

Interview by Bill DeMain, Rock's Backpages Audio, 3 March 2003

The Mac frontwoman talks about writing songs for their latest album, Say You Will; how 'Illume (9-11)' was the result of the twin towers attack; on her songwriting process and how she uses her journals; the volatility of the band and her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham; her friendships with Sheryl Crow and the Dixie Chicks, and she ends by going back to her first musical experiences.

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Fleetwood Mac: Stevie Nicks, Macramé Goddess

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Creem, 1982

TO STEAL from Groucho Marx (after all we're talking nicks), the trouble with doing interviews is having to sit down next to someone you don't ...

20 Questions: Stevie Nicks

Interview by David Rensin, Playboy, July 1982

Ladies and Gentlemen, the reigning queen of rock – on recklessness, relationships and reincarnation. Contributing Editor David Rensin met with Stevie Nicks (whose album Bella ...

Stevie Nicks

Interview by Steven P. Wheeler, Music Connection, July 1994


'98's Best: One A Stevie, Two A Stevie, Three A Stevie...

Report by Frank Tortorici, Addicted To Noise, 13 May 1998

IN A CROWD of 500, you could count about 200 look-alike, sound-alike, dress-alike Stevies. But there's only one Stevie Nicks. ...

The Soul in the Machine: Whatever Happened to Atlantic Records?

Book Excerpt by Barney Hoskyns, What'd I Say, 2001

"UNFORTUNATELY, we’re running a big business here now," Ahmet Ertegun confessed to author Gerri Hirshey in 1982. "And it sort of ... well, it drives ...

Stevie Nicks: Queen Of The Stoned Age

Interview by Paul Elliott, Q, May 2001

Fleetwood Mac's full-pelt excess and partner-swapping made for rock's most incredible soap opera. But there's one question everyone wants to ask Stevie Nicks. It concerns ...

Stevie Nicks

Interview by Graham Reid, The New Zealand Herald, 25 February 2006

STEVIE NICKS – the fairy queen singer in Fleetwood Mac – is in a Melbourne hotel room ready to go off to another rehearsal. In ...

Stevie Nicks: A Survivor's Story

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, Telegraph Magazine, 8 September 2007

Thirty years after she sold her soul to the devil and, with Fleetwood Mac, set new records for rock'n'roll overindulgence, Stevie Nicks has somehow lived ...

The Q Interview: Stevie Nicks: "I had to be strong otherwise I would never have gotten through all this."

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Q, May 2008

Stevie Nicks is the epitome of California rock excess. While in Fleetwood Mac, she sold millions and snorted half of Colombia. Solo, she sold millions ...

The Sound City Players: Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

Live Review by Alan Light,, February 2014

"THAT ROCK fantasy camp shit?," screamed a shirtless Taylor Hawkins. "This is it right here!" The Foo Fighters drummer – taking a rare turn standing ...

Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault

Review by Holly Gleason, Paste, 15 October 2014

LISTENING TO 24 Karat Gold is like being caught in a time warp. Then is now, now is then, and the listener feels confronted by ...

Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault

Review by Will Hermes, Rolling Stone, 23 October 2014

The star re-records a batch of lost demos from four decades, using Nashville session A-team. ...

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