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Stan Getz: Ronnie Scott's, London

Live Review by Max Jones, Melody Maker, 18 September 1971

THERE CAN'T be anything disastrous in the state of jazz while Stan Getz can still be heard in Soho spinning fine-steel threads of melody from ...

OK, smarty, so how do y'shift the whole world off its axis?

Report by Brian Case, New Musical Express, August 1976

Simple. SUN RA knew that one way back. Every musician on the planet just gotta play a C7th — all at the same time. While ...

You Getz what you deservz

Interview by Brian Case, New Musical Express, 26 November 1977

...Says Stan the Tenorman, with no time for hard luck stories and strong opinions on everything. He talks to BRIAN CASE ...

Stan Getz: The guy from Ipanema

Retrospective by Brian Case, Melody Maker, 27 July 1985

Brian Case (grass skirt, hula-hoop) examines the resurgence in popularity of latinate saxman Stan Getz ...


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