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Slim Gaillard: The Canteen, London

Live Review by Richard Williams, The Times, 6 October 1982

SLIM GAILLARD'S season in Covent Garden, and his subsequent appearances around the country, will attract not only those nostalgic lor the 32nd Street era but ...

Slim Gaillard: 100 Club, London

Live Review by Sheryl Garratt, New Musical Express, 17 September 1983

FOR ABOUT the tenth time that evening, Slim Gaillard spotted a camera pointing in his direction and stopped a song mid-way to pose. "Yes, I'm ...

Slim Gaillard: Voutie O Roonie O Scoodilaroosimoe

Interview by Paul Bradshaw, New Musical Express, 19 January 1985

THE HILARIOUS hallucinatory view of consumer America that sprang from the songs of dashing young 'fashion play' Slim Gaillard earned him national notoriety during the ...


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