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Shirley Brown: Woman to Woman (and men too!)

Profile by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 21 January 1975

ONE OF 1974's really great soul records was undoubtedly Shirley Brown's 'Woman To Woman', the million selling single that launched Stax' new Truth label and ...

Shirley Brown: Woman To Woman (Stax STX 1031)

Review by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 27 May 1975

AS WELL as being one of the most soulful sounds of '74, Shirley Brown's 'Woman To Woman' was also one of the year's best-selling singles. ...

Shirley Brown: Counting Her Blessings

Profile and Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 2 August 1977

ALL THOSE folk who dug the soulfully classic sound of Ms. Shirley Brown when the lady literally broke the charts up in 1974 (yes, it ...

Shirley Brown: Shirley Brown

Review by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 22 October 1977

IF IT was Clive Davis, head of Arista, who's responsible for the release of Shirley Brown, I'd like to invite him to hold his next ...

Shirley Brown stretches out...

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 14 August 1979

After her huge success with 'Woman To Woman', people expected Shirley to carry on rapping. Now she's resigned with Stax and her new album gives ...


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