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Seals and Crofts alias The Champs

Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 1 May 1971

HALFWAY UP the bill at the Roundhouse the other Sunday there was this band with a decidedly curious instrumentation. ...

Seals and Crofts, Ohio Knox: The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Colman Andrews, Phonograph Record, June 1971

JIM SEALS and Dash Crofts exercise a rare and nearly faultless contextual hegemony over the musical province they have staked out for themselves. I don't ...

Seals and Crofts: Faith The Music

Interview by Keith Altham, Record Mirror, 18 March 1972

NICE PEOPLE – Jim Seals and Dash Crofts. A couple of less unlikely Texans I have yet to meet, currently residing somewhat ironically in the ...

Seals & Crofts: Hotbed Of Controversy — 'Unborn Child'

Interview by Stephen Demorest, Circus Raves, April 1974

They became soft rock's #1 duo on the strength of pretty music and sweet lyrics, but when a Strawberry blonde delivered her anti-abortion poem to ...

Various Artists: California Jam Festival: Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario CA

Live Review by David Rensin, Zoo World, 23 May 1974

"Bastion Of Ennui" nets record gate. ...

Seals and Crofts: Two's Company

Interview by Colin Irwin, Melody Maker, 17 May 1975

JIMMY SEALS is wearing an extremely smart tweedy outfit like he's an advert for Hardy Amies. He's got those granny spectacles and he leans back ...

Yacht Rock: A Boatload Of Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

Retrospective by Paul Sexton, uDiscoverMusic, 22 September 2023

The idea of yacht rock conjures up a particular lifestyle, but beneath the surface lies a treasure trove of sophisticated hits that continue to resonate. ...

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