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Stalkers: Ever-Present Possessive

Report by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 16 January 1995

Business is booming in the protection business. Now many of those being protected are women pop stars targeted by dangerous stalkers ...

Canadian Rock Music Explodes

Report and Interview by Nicholas Jennings, Maclean's, 27 March 1995

WITH HIS STRAGGLY, shoulder-length hair, torn blue jeans and red sneakers, Greig Nori doesn't look like the sort of man to be wined and dined ...

Sarah McLachlan: Front and Centre Stage

Profile and Interview by Nicholas Jennings, Maclean's, 28 July 1995

SARAH MCLACHLAN was lounging in her air-conditioned trailer, exhausted but exhilarated after a day spent fielding media questions and a night spent singing, strumming and ...

Lilith Fair: If You Want To See a Show, Put On a Festival – Sarah McLachlan Takes the Girls on the Road

Interview by Carla DeSantis, Rockrgrl, July 1997

MOVE OVER, Lollapalooza. This year's summer traveling festival to watch is the Lilith Fair, the brain-child of Canadian artist Sarah McLachlan. ...

Songs of the Sirens: Lilith Fair

Report by Nicholas Jennings, Maclean's, 28 July 1997

THEY READ tarot cards on the grass in the afternoon sun and danced under the moon to the sounds of Tracy Chapman. And before they ...

Lilith Fair: The Gorge Amphitheatre George, Washington

Live Review by Evelyn McDonnell, Spin, September 1997

"JUST A SECOND, just a second now," said Canadian performer Kinnie Starr as she abruptly swung her electric guitar down and stepped off the tiny ...

Lady’s Day: Lilith Fair

Report and Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, April 1998

AT RISK OF PROVOKING EITHER THE TRADITIONAL yawn or a punch in the face whenever it is suggested that this is the year of women ...

Sarah McLachlan, The Indigo Girls, Erykah Badu et al: Lilith Fair, Civic Stadium, Portland, Oregon

Live Review by RJ Smith, Spin, September 1998

BEFORE ANYTHING else is said about the opening night of the 57-date Lilith Fair, let's note the nice: The climate at Portland's Civic Stadium was ...

Sarah McLachlan

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, The Faber Companion to 20th-Century Popular Music, 2001

b. 28 January 1968, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada ...

Sarah McLachlan: Her Own Woman

Interview by Robin Eggar, The Sunday Times, 11 January 2004

IN LA, EVERYONE knows her name. Indeed, for many American women, Sarah McLachlan is an icon. In London, however, she is usually confused with Craig, ...

The Lilith Fair Abides

Report by Maura Johnston, The Village Voice, 4 August 2010

A late-'90s fest returns with great ideas (the Lilipad!), throwback headliners, and terrible marketing. ...

Sarah McLachlan

Report and Interview by Scott McLennan, mX, Fall 2014

REVERED CANADIAN songwriter Sarah McLachlan has never played for the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks, yet she sustained an injury during the Super Bowl ...


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