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Ryan Adams

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Ryan Adams (2001)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, 3 March 2001

The ex-Whiskeytown man on his solo albums Heartbreaker and Gold; singing with Emmylou Harris and on the ghost of Gram Parsons; recording in Woodstock; the end of Whiskeytown and going solo; living in Los Angeles and Nashville; side project the Pink Hearts; the Lost Highway label... and his hair!

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Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker

Review and Interview by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, November 2000

Alt country wastrel goes it alone in the Apple. ...

Ryan Adams: Country Music and its Alternatives

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, 12 May 2001

Ryan Adams was’s brightest hope – the new Gram Parsons, no less – till his band Whiskeytown unravelled. Then he veered off the No ...

Lost Highway Blues

Report by Jason Cohen, Slate, 14 August 2001

The dirty little secret about Ryan Adams and his record label. ...

Ryan Adams Strikes Gold

Interview by The Rev. Al Friston, Rock's Backpages, 22 September 2001

Leaving the South behind for La-la land, Ryan Adams makes a bid for rock stardom. And why shouldn't he, asks the Reverend Al Friston? ...

Twangs can only get better

Overview by Tom Cox, The Observer, 21 October 2001

Country has gone way beyond Nashville, says Tom Cox. It's the new rebel music. ...

Ryan Adams: Gold

Review by Andria Lisle, Memphis Flyer, 1 November 2001

I FELL IN LOVE with Ryan Adams the moment I first heard his voice. It was in the early fall of ‘97 and I was ...

Ryan Adams: Astoria, London

Live Review by Simon Price, Independent on Sunday, 25 November 2001

IT'S POSSIBLY THE single most obvious thing you can say about Ryan Adams, and it's a joke that's been made countless times already, but you'd ...

Ryan Adams: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, Uncut, January 2002

I SAW rock'n'roll's future and its name is… all right, calm down everybody. ...

Life After Whiskeytown: Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary

Comment by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore City Paper, 1 May 2002

Who was the most important figure to emerge from the break-up of Whiskeytown – Ryan Adams or Caitlin Cary? Geoffrey Himes ponders the issue. ...

Demolition Man: Ryan Adams

Interview by Graeme Thomson, The Herald, September 2002

RYAN ADAMS IS not feeling well. "Summertime cold," he snuffles, and for a while, early on in our conversation, he seems intent on spreading the ...

Ryan Adams: Demolition

Review and Interview by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, October 2002

BETWEEN HIS spare solo debut Heartbreaker and last year's swaggering Gold – the one where he sounded like he'd swallowed a jukebox of Stones, Who ...

Ryan Adams: Demolition

Review by Will Hermes, Spin, 23 July 2003

IF ROCK'N'ROLL were high school, Ryan Adams would be the faintly irritating yet firecracker-hot 2001 valedictorian-acing history, kicking it with that cute young chem teacher, ...

Ryan Adams: Rock'n'Roll (Lost Highway) ****

Review by Keith Cameron, MOJO, November 2003

Fourth solo album from erstwhile alt country poster-boy. Recorded in 13 days in New York with James Barber, aka Mr Courtney Love. ...

Ryan Adams: "I've Been Jumping Off Bridges"

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, The Guardian, 21 November 2003

THE ONE GOOD thing about projectile vomiting is that at least your T-shirt stays clean. Ryan Adams's frat-house top is a spotless scarlet, its brightness ...

Ryan Adams at the Forum, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, The Independent, 28 November 2003

"I'M GONNA PLAY all night," Ryan Adams promises the crowd. "You think I'm joking? I've got a 5am plane, man..." ...

Ryan Adams: Saved By R'n'R

Interview by Jaan Uhelszki, Harp, December 2003

Ten Things You (Don't) Want To Know About Ryan Adams: He spills the beans on his romantic foibles, his phobias and chocolate. ...

Ryan Adams

Interview by Ian Watson, Rolling Stone (Australia), January 2004

HE ANSWERS THE PHONE like a petulant teenager: another day, another interview to sulk his way through. ...

Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger

Review by Rob Hughes, Uncut, July 2007

Boy Wonder Eases Up: Only His 9th LP In Seven Years ...

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Cardinology

Review by Will Hermes, Rolling Stone, 30 October 2008

RYAN ADAMS' drug problems and public tantrums have often overshadowed his music. But Cardinology may put an end to that. ...

Ryan Adams: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 25 November 2008

DESPITE WHAT Ryan Adams tells us tonight, it wasn't true that this was the first time he had ever played London "without being chemically challenged". ...

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