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The Doors: When The Music's Over

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 13 October 1973

HELPING HIMSELF to one of my British cigarettes and inhaling deeply, Ray Manzarek coldly and without emotion spoke about why The Doors finally decided to ...

The Doors: An Interview with Ray Manzarek

Interview by Steven Rosen, Sounds, 22 December 1973

SR: THE BREAKING up of the Doors was kind of a mysterious circumstance and I'm sure not many people know really what happened. ...

Ray Manzarek Opens a New Door: Jazz

Interview by Barbara Charone, Rolling Stone, 15 August 1974

CHICAGO – "See that guy," Jim Morrison once remarked, pointing to Ray Manzarek: "He is the Doors." Although Morrison received all the attention, it was ...

Ray Manzarek: Manzarek Hears Echoes Of Doors

Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 18 September 1983

Ray Manzarek's Carmina Burana will distance him even farther from his days with the Doors. ...

Ray Manzarek Opens Another Door

Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 18 November 1983

FEW MUSICIANS have the opportunity, or possess the talent, to expand the capabilities of their instruments, to redefine for ensuing generations just how far musical ...

Ray Manzarek on the Doors' 1970 Boston concerts

Report and Interview by Gillian G. Gaar, Goldmine, 21 December 2007

ON FRIDAY, April 10, 1970, The Doors were scheduled for two shows at the Boston Arena. The 7 p.m. show was respectable enough, beginning with ...

Ray Manzarek was the key to the Doors

Comment by Laura Barton, The Guardian, 21 May 2013

As a teenager, I stuck a picture of Ray Manzarek on my school pencil tin — no other musician could make you feel like you ...

What a shame about Ray

Comment by Rob Steen, Rock's Backpages, 21 May 2013

"RAY RIP", texted my long-time muso pal Graham at 7am. Since neither of us, to my almost certain knowledge, has ever befriended a Raymond, my ...

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