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Quincy Jones (1990)

Interview by Mat Snow, Rock's Backpages audio, 1990

The man known as "Q" talks, between mouthfuls, about meeting Stravinsky; trying to put Michael Jackson together with Prince; the people he has known, from Dinah Washington to Colin Powell via Miles Davis and many others; and on the state of black America.

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Quincy Jones: "Bandleading... enough to make grey hair grow on my eyeballs... but I'm not quitting jazz"

Interview by Max Jones, Melody Maker, 10 February 1962

QUINCY JONES — in London for a flying visit — grabs a word with MAX JONES ...

Lesley Gore is Set For Stardom

Profile by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 21 September 1963

WHO IS the young pop artist most like to hit the highest spots this year? ...

Music In The Making: Quincy Jones — Sarah Makes It All Worth While

Interview by Max Jones, Melody Maker, 12 October 1963

Quincy Jones, who spent last week in London enjoying the sights and sounds by day and night, is one of music's all-rounders. Bandleader, composer, arranger, publisher, ...

Quincy Jones: One Of The Greatest!

Interview by David Griffiths, Record Mirror, 26 October 1963

SITTING IN a deserted recording studio at Philips, listening to the playback of a just-completed session by the Johnny Dankworth Orchestra, Quincy Jones – trumpeter, ...

Quincy Jones: Mellow Genius

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 16 September 1975

AFTER TWENTY years of giving others success, Quincy Jones is only now finally getting his just deserts — borne out by the rapid rise up ...

Quincy Jones, Brothers Johnson, Wattsline Singers, Lou Rawls: Felt Forum, New York NY

Live Review by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 5 October 1976

Mr. Q hits the spot! ...

Brothers Johnson: Good To Ya, Good For Ya

Profile and Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 28 December 1976

ONE OF the success stories of 1976 in terms of 'newcomers' on the scene is concerned must involve George & Louis Johnson. Although they'd worked ...

Blow for Love and Money part 2: Since The Explosion

Overview by Davitt Sigerson, Black Music, April 1977

In part two of his analysis of crossover jazz, Davitt Sigerson looks at developments during the last three years. ...

Quincy Jones: Feelin' Great In '78

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 18 July 1978

Quincy Jones finds that the ideas and his music are just flowing these days, he feels like a man on the sea, just going with ...

B&S World Exclusive with Pollwinner Michael Jackson! Michael's building his destiny on strong foundations...

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 6 May 1980

TO GET some measure of Michael Jackson's success during 1979, you only have to look at the B&S Poll results because Michael walked off with ...

The Superstar: Much More Than The Just The music

Overview by Vernon Gibbs, Billboard, 5 June 1982

IT MAY be one of the most frequently misused of the music industry's accolades, since in a business full of stars there are few genuine ...

Frank Sinatra with Quincy Jones and Orchestra: L.A. Is My Lady (Quest)

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, December 1984


USA for Africa: Record could raise millions for hungry

Report by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 14 March 1985

"CHECK YOUR ego at the door." That was the message producer Quincy Jones sent to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross ...

Quincy Jones

Interview by Robin Eggar, Time Out, June 1988

The Jackson and Jones alliance has seen the transformation of a bubble-gum singer into the greatest musical phenomenon of his era. ...

Quincy Jones: Back On The Block

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Q, January 1990

ON THE FACE of it, this is where the man who was called 'Q' even before this magazine generously allows his address book to make ...

Quincy Jones: The Hit Master

Profile and Interview by Mark Cooper, The Guardian, 8 February 1990

From Satchmo to Wacko Jacko, Quincy Jones has worked with them all. Now, he tells Mark Cooper, it's time to take stock. ...

Quincy Jones: The Mighty Quince

Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 17 February 1990

QUINCY JONES, producer of everyone from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, is now mixing jazz and hip-hop and working with Jesse Jackson and New Order. ...

Quincy Jones: Mr Jones, I Presume!

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, Q, April 1990

THE THREE DUMBEST questions you could possibly ask this month are, "Do the ambulance workers deserve more pay?", "Is Mike Gatting a pillock?" and "Does ...

Quincy Jones: Q – The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Rhino)

Review by Daryl Easlea, Record Collector, January 2002

QUINCY JONES HAS enjoyed a truly remarkable career, moving between the fields of jazz, blues, soundtracks, pop, soul, funk and rap. This celebratory collection encompasses ...

Quincy Jones: Q - The Autobiography Of… (Hodder & Stoughton)

Review by Tim Clifford, Rock's Backpages, February 2002

WHAT AN extraordinary life the multi-talented Mr Jones has led. He's worked with everyone from Count Basie to Melle Mel, Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson ...

Cinematic Soul: The Soundtracks of Quincy Jones

Overview by Michael A. Gonzales, Stop Smiling, November 2007

THE MUSICAL legacy of 74-year-old Quincy Delight Jones Jr. looms large over the landscape of popular culture. While our grandparents might remember him as the ...


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