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A Seattle Slew

Report and Interview by Dave DiMartino, Rolling Stone, 20 September 1990

Record companies are flocking to the Great Northwest, signing bands like crazy and hoping to find the Next Big Thing ...

Teenage Fanclub, Superchunk, The Posies: The Institute, Birmingham

Live Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 23 October 1993


The Posies: Frosting on the Beater

Press Release by uncredited writer, DGC Records, Spring 1993

A DECADE AGO, two puny kids ages 13 and 14 began a band. These were formative music years, of course, but while others might have ...

The Dandy: Getting Romantic with Ken Stringfellow

Interview by Everett True, The Stranger, 1999

CONFESSION: I never liked the Posies. Felt they were too much in thrall to the sweet, spiked pop of Big Star. Disliked their skinny ties ...

Blooming In The Afterlife: The Posies

Retrospective and Interview by Mac Randall,, 16 August 2000

IF YOU MEASURE a band's activity by the complexity of its release schedule, then you'd have to conclude that the year 2000 has been an ...


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