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P.M. Dawn: Magical Mystery Tour

Interview by Helen Mead, i-D, October 1991

A day out with P.M. Dawn is like a trip into another dimension. We thought we were going to the Radio One Roadshow. They decided ...

De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, PM Dawn: Wembley Hall, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 5 October 1991

DIRE STRAITS fans are huddled in masses in the near vicinity, oblivious to the fact that the real revolution is being televised in this makeshift ...

P.M. Dawn: Prince among thieves

Interview by Andy Gill, The Independent, 31 October 1991

Andy Gill talks to Prince Be, frontman of rap group P.M. Dawn ...

PM Dawn: Midnight Mass

Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 21 December 1991

Praise the Lord and pass the platitudes! PM DAWN may be worshipped as 1991's brightest, dippiest new rappers, but they're keener to be set adrift ...

PM Dawn: The Reality Gap

Interview by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, 15 February 1992

They've been nominated for a Brits award as Best International Newcomers, and their new single, 'Reality Used To Be A friend Of Mine', is a ...

PM Dawn: Get Blissed, Destroy

Interview by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 27 February 1993

Reality used to be a friend of theirs — now PM DAWN, the world's leading manufacturers of delicious hip hop soul, hate it with a ...

P.M. Dawn: The Bliss Album...? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence) (Gee Street/Island/PLG)

Review by James Hunter, Rolling Stone, 15 April 1993

The Bliss Album: A New Dawn ...

PM Dawn: Sample Reality

Interview by Jon Young, Musician, June 1993

"THE TITLE is sarcastic," says Prince Be softly. "On the first record, we tried to show bliss by example, through utopianism. This time we tried ...

Is P.M. Dawn's Prince Be the Brian Wilson of Hip-Hop? God only knows

Interview by Amy Linden, Rolling Stone, 19 October 1995

PRINCE BE sits behind the console of a studio in midtown Manhattan. "I am actually aching to stop working," he says with a sigh, leaning ...

P.M. Dawn: Diff'rent Strokes

Interview by Michael A. Gonzales, Vibe, November 1995

Lost in space? No. P.M. Dawn return with a pretty (yet slammin') third album — and a rebel whisper that says there's nothing wrong with ...

P.M. Dawn: Jesus Wept (Gee Streel/Island)

Review by Mark Kemp, Rolling Stone, 2 November 1995

JESUS WEPT is a multitracked feast of guitar rock, pillow-soft pop, moody psychedelia and sugary-sweet R&B with only one straight-up rap track on the entire ...

Guilty until proven innocent?

Report by Sonia Poulton, Muzik, December 1995

Following the release of Mike Tyson and the acquittal of DJ Simpson the media circus is now focussing its attention on the spate of R&B ...

P.M. Dawn: Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry for Bringing You Here, Love, Dad (Gee Street/V2)

Review and Interview by Jon Young, Musician, January 1999

YOU PROBABLY think you've got P.M. Dawn figured out. After all, the lush melodies, intricate production, and cosmic sentiments expressed by Prince Be's brooding vocals ...


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